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ABOUT owner & Ceo lk fierce


Based out of Chicago, Laura Reitsma (aka LK) is the Chief event planner and event producer for Fierce, creating, imagining and executing events in Chicago and around the country.  Laura Reitsma began her career in event planning more than 10 years ago by producing theatrical, immersive events for the Chicago Theater scene.  Laura has been recognized as an idea-machine and an artistic director creating brand new events in Chicago and helping clients realize their dreams with their own events. Laura has the rare ability to think creatively yet pragmatically: skills that are essential to executing a Fierce event.  She has since planned hundreds of weddings to parties to corporate events!

Why the name Fierce? Fierce is defined as a word to describe exceptional quality.  For years, Laura has used the word Fierce as kind of a catch phrase. Fierce is such a FUN word. Try it.  Fierce.  It's a word of strength and tenacity.  Over time, her friend's gave her the nickname: LK Fierce.  When it came time to start a business, she couldn't think of a better word to name it after.  Who wouldn't want their Event to be Fierce?

Fierce Facts About Laura:

*She moved to Chicago to become an actor. She has performed in over 100 plays and has been in several voice overs and commercials.

*She is Cuban from Miami, Florida ella esta aprendiendo español!

*She created her own Harry Potter website when she was 14. It had a chat room and a sorting hat.

*She is a Fierce LGBTQ Advocate and supporter of the Chicago Theater Community.

*She loves Beyonce, dance parties, Rupaul’s Drag Race, vintage shopping, going to the beach, and cooking vegan meals!

fierce manifesto

I am Fierce. My greatest aspiration for myself is to live a Fierce life. My Fierce life is filled with joy, creativity and self love. I am radiant. I bring people together. I see the talent in other people. People want to be around me.  I am a leader, a mentor and an influencer.

I stand for love and connection. I stand for people and animals in this world to feel safe and loved. I stand for art and theater and to give people a platform to express themselves. 

I am safe. I operate from a place of security instead of fear. I trust my friends and I trust myself. I am surrounded by love and the power of the universe. I pledge to love myself even on days I don’t want to do. I promise to take care of myself and make this my number one priority. 

I know that if I take care of myself, show myself compassion and love that I will be able to accomplish anything.  I deserve to be loved. I deserve joy. I am lovable. I am good enough. I am strong and nourish my body with whole foods and plenty of water. 

I yearn for others to live a fierce life. I inspire others practicing self-love daily. I find joy within myself and don’t need approval from others. I am talented. The universe will provide me with an unlimited amount of opportunities to express myself. 

I am wealthy in money. I have value.  I have an abundance of love from my partner. I take risks with him and grow with him.  My friendships bring me connections, humanity, laughter and joy.  I deserve to feel things.

I am transparent and vulnerable and these are qualities that I will let the world see.  My mind, body, spirit, and heart are fulfilled and balanced.
— Manifesto of Laura Reitsma, Owner