About Fierce

Fierce Productions encourages you to dare to be different when it comes to planning your special event.  We specialize in creating events that are bold, surprising, and truly unique. We like to flip the script and create unexpected, memorable events. We do this by celebrating your story - there is no one else like you! 


Laura Reitsma // Owner & Chief Event Coordinator // She, Her, Hers

Laura Reitsma // Owner & Chief Event Coordinator // She, Her, Hers

Lk Fierce, owner & CEO

Based out of Chicago, Laura Reitsma (aka LK) is the Chief event planner and event producer for Fierce, creating, imagining and executing events in Chicago and around the country.  Laura Reitsma began her career in event planning more than 10 years ago by producing theatrical, immersive events for the Chicago Theater scene.  Laura has been recognized as an idea-machine and an artistic director creating brand new events in Chicago and helping clients realize their dreams with their own events. Laura has the rare ability to think creatively yet pragmatically: skills that are essential to executing a Fierce event.  She has since planned hundreds of weddings to parties to corporate events!

Why the name Fierce? Fierce is defined as a word to describe exceptional quality.  For years, Laura has used the word Fierce as kind of a catch phrase. Fierce is such a FUN word. Try it.  Fierce.  It's a word of strength and tenacity.  Over time, her friend's gave her the nickname: LK Fierce.  When it came time to start a business, she couldn't think of a better word to name it after.  Who wouldn't want their Event to be Fierce?


Why Choose Fierce?

Your event is a reflection of who you are.

  •  Your Event should express who you are.  Why do what everyone else does? Or what people/magazines tell you to do?  Create a brand new tradition for you and your guests. Walk down the aisle to a song composed for you.  Write vows written by you

Build memories to last a lifetime.

  • Memories are built from shared experiences.  Do you love New Orleans and want to have a Second Line Parade at your Wedding? Do you want to have your Wedding Party sing backup for you at your Ceremony? Do you want a Bhangra Dancer to come to your Bday Party and teach you how to dance in a brand new way?  

Celebrate your Story.

  • We tell the story of your life through your event. You are the star in the Production of a lifetime. The aisle is your Red Carpet. Your Ceremony is the Prologue and your Reception the first Act to the rest of your life. Your story is what will make your event truly unforgettable. There is no one else like you.


Fierce Facts About Laura:

  • She moved to Chicago to become an actor. She has performed in over 100 plays and has been in several voice overs and commercials.

  • She is Cuban from Miami, Florida ella esta aprendiendo español!

  • She loves to dance and takes several dance classes a week!

  • She created her own Harry Potter website when she was 14. It had a chat room and a sorting hat.

  • Halloween is her favorite Holiday. She throws a huge Halloween Party every year!

  • She is a Fierce LGBTQ Advocate and supporter of the Chicago Theater Community.

  • Her favorite things to do when she’s not planning an event are vintage shopping, going to the beach, and cooking vegan meals!

10 things that are fierce:

  • Women & LGBTQ Owned Businesses

  • Beyonce’

  • Unicorns

  • Integrity

  • Mindfulness

  • Dark Chocolate

  • Malbec Wine

  • Sequins

  • Dance parties

  • RuPaul's Drag Race